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Apartment Fire causes 500K in Damages

At 8:42 pm on Monday, July 9th, Orange County Fire Authority responded to an apartment fire started by oil in a pan that was left unattended.  One patient was transported to a medical facility for smoke inhalation.  The Red Cross responded to assist with 11 units of displaced residents. There was $500,000.00 of damage to the apartment building and $20,000.00 of damage […]

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“The Pilot has Left the Building”

The OC Safe Apartment Program has finished their pilot program. The pilot process has been interesting; ask anyone who has participated. The team is curious to learn from a survey evaluating the program, and its potential to alter resident behavior toward safer fire and life safety choices. Fire departments do not want to institute fees and inspections that will be costly to […]

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Logo for OCSA

OC Safe Apartment “Partner” Status

What does the word “Partner” mean to you?  Here at OC Safe Apartments, we like to think of a partner as many people working together as a team for a common goal. Being a partner with OC Safe Apartments will increase the overall safety of your property and residents.  The cost you ask?  The cost […]

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OC Safe Apartment Sample Certificate

“Get Your Certificate Here!”

Here at Safe Apartments, we understand that apartment managers and owners are busy people; juggling a variety of items at any given time.  Yet, we WANT partners in the endeavor of keeping properties and residents safe.   Part of being our partner is watching two training modules and answering review questions which earns your property an OC Safe Apartments […]

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