OC Safe Apartments is a partnership between local fire departments and owners, managers, maintenance staff of apartment communities in order to keep apartment residents safe from the adverse effects of fire and other life safety hazards.

Occupants of multifamily housing are at a higher risk of being impacted by fire than occupants of single family residences.  Multifamily occupants must not only assume personal responsibility for maintaining their own fire-safe living environment, they must also rely on neighbors, and often building owners or property managers, to ensure each individual living space, and the property as a whole, is safe from fires and other hazards.

The OC Safe Apartments Program targets occupants and property owners/managers with fire and life safety messages designed to change behavior or otherwise reduce losses in multifamily occupancies.

The program scope initially targets known fire risks.  Over time, the program will be expanded to include other high-risk life safety issues.

Summary of Risks

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