Juveniles and Fire

A couple of weeks ago, Orange County Fire Authority responded to a wildfire in San Clemente.  The fire was intentionally set behind apartments frequented by juveniles. 

A child on summer break used a lighter to start twigs and vegetation on fire.  Thankfully it was a slow moving fire and it was contained to small area.  If wind speed or wind direction were different, the situation could have ended very differently.

The OC Safe Apartments “Call to Action” is that property management and maintenance staff be aware of juveniles that are frequently running about unsupervised.  If there is a problem, call your local fire and law enforcement for some help and direction.  This summer, Orange County Fire Authority  had more than their fair share of intentionally set wildfires that were set by juveniles.

Juveniles and their parents may be prosecuted and held financially accountable.

About Angela Garbiso

Being with people and affecting positive change is my passion. I have been a Teacher, Curriculum Designer, Marketing Director, Academic Advisor, and a Flight Attendant. Right now I am an Education Specialist. My biggest challenge is to convince others that safety is a priority, and to change behaviors that are not safe.

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