Apartment Fire causes 500K in Damages

At 8:42 pm on Monday, July 9th, Orange County Fire Authority responded to an apartment fire started by oil in a pan that was left unattended.  One patient was transported to a medical facility for smoke inhalation.  The Red Cross responded to assist with 11 units of displaced residents.

There was $500,000.00 of damage to the apartment building and $20,000.00 of damage to contents.

Please show residents the result of leaving a cooking unattended.  Once this fire was discovered, the resident left the apartment to retrieve an extinguisher.  Unfortunately, the fire extinguisher did not work. 

Due to this fire, many residents are displaced, insurance companies are involved, insurance rates will likely be affected, and the property managers/owners will  have to deal with contractors. 

Please post, send, or hang this photo on doorknobs for your residents to see while reminding and emphasizing how important it is to stay in the kitchen while cooking (especially when cooking with oil).  Now is a good time to have the maintenance staff to look at the extinguishers for use by the residents.  Ensure that the arrow is in the green and that the tab is intact.

About Darci Bodin

I am a Senior Fire Prevention Specialist for the Orange County Fire Authority.

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