“The Pilot has Left the Building”

People silhouettes at airport building The OC Safe Apartment Program has finished their pilot program. The pilot process has been interesting; ask anyone who has participated. The team is curious to learn from a survey evaluating the program, and its potential to alter resident behavior toward safer fire and life safety choices.

Fire departments do not want to institute fees and inspections that will be costly to property managers and owners. OC Safe Apartments provides an opportunity to work together to save money and reduce life risks. 

Click here to complete the survey that will take approximately 2 minutes. And before I leave the building, check out the new “Apartment Smoke Alarms” flyer in English, and Spanish, under Tools and Resources.

About Angela Garbiso

Being with people and affecting positive change is my passion. I have been a Teacher, Curriculum Designer, Marketing Director, Academic Advisor, and a Flight Attendant. Right now I am an Education Specialist. My biggest challenge is to convince others that safety is a priority, and to change behaviors that are not safe.

2 Responses to ““The Pilot has Left the Building””

  1. John Tomlinson June 7, 2012 at 4:27 pm

    I certainly enjoyed the working on the pilot, and hope that this program serves as a model for other fire departments around the country. The videos in the training modules are well worth the time spent viewing them. We have instituted many of the changes recommended by the program! Thank you OCFA!

    • Thank you John for your encouragement and your work on the pilot. What I like about this program is working together (private and public organization) so we can create safe apartment communities by looking at the true fire risk and what business and local government can do to reduce that risk without any new government regulations or fees.

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