OC Safe Apartment “Partner” Status

What does the word “Partner” mean to you?  Here at OC Safe Apartments, we like to think of a partner as many people working together as a team for a common goal. Being a partner with OC Safe Apartments will increase the overall safety of your property and residents. 

The cost you ask?  The cost is time.  Your time to work with OC Safe Apartments; by phone, email, (providing feedback on how we can help you help us).  Your time will also be used to communicate and reach your residents with information that will make them safer for life.

If you are reading this, you have signed up for the subscription.  To gain OC Safe Apartment “Partner” status,  you have to watch the videos, answer the review questions, and commit a reasonable amount of time in 2012 to work with us and residents towards fire safety.

There are two videos that are about 15 minutes each.  After watching the videos and answering the review questions, a certificate will be printed with the name of your complex.  Apartment buildings in Buena Park and Tustin have already completed the process but we challenge you to be the first one in your city to receive the certificate.

About Darci Bodin

I am a Senior Fire Prevention Specialist for the Orange County Fire Authority.

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